10 Reasons Why You Should Rent Your Bridal Veil and Accessories:

Love. Wear. Return. 

 You look fabulous, and we will do the rest! Borrowed is renting made easy. We are here to explain our top 10 reasons why you should Rent vs. Buy when it comes to high-end accessories for your wedding day.  

1. Saves you money to rent vs. buy high-end accessories “Style on a budget”

Borrowed by LJB is proud to be partnered with high-end bridal accessories companies. The rentals we offer are from designers Alyson Nicole, Celeste NY, Davie & Chiyo, Hushed Commotion, Les Couronnes de Victoire, Lizeron Paris, and Nestina. Each brand has their own unique handcrafted features creating stunning, authentic, and sustainable accessories. Borrowed is here to provide high-end style on a budget. 

2. Allows you to stay on top of fashion trends

Fashion trends are always changing. It is hard for consumers to stay on top of fashion trends when it comes to accessories. Here at Borrowed by La Jolie Bride, all our pieces are hand selected by professional bridal stylists. They know what trends for dresses, jewelry, veils, accessories and all things wedding are in style, and also timeless pieces that will never go out of style. 

3. Saves closet and storage space 

We have all been there, done that, when it comes to an overflowing closet or draw space. With renting everything comes so much easier! Your purchase comes in a few days prior, bundled in a cute and sustainable packaging that is easy to store until use. You wear your stunning rentals at your desired occasion, and you ship back hassle and storage free! 

4. Good for the environment

Did you know that the average wedding produces 400 lbs of garage and 63 tons of CO2. With an estimated 2.5 million weddings per year, that is about 1 billion lbs of trash accumulated. By renting instead of buying you are able to recycle products and expand their life cycle. Small acts of sustainability add up in the long run. 70% of weddings incorporate sustainable practices and that will go up by 90% by 2025. Let's strive for green weddings! 


5. Avoids the “wearing once” aspect 

The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world. Around 208 million lbs. of waste were generated by single-use outfits in 2019. “36 billion is the estimated number of clothing items thrown away in the US each year. 95% of which could be recycled or reused” -Globaldata

Let's be honest, as a bride will you ever reuse your wedding veil, wedding dress, or wedding hair accessories? Probably not. Renting your wedding accessories is a lot more practical!

6. It is an easy process at borrowed with: “Try it First”, "Style me", and free returns 

Hate going to the store to try things on? Renting at Borrowed is made easy! 

We offer a “Try It First” that allows renters to try on the products. 

How does it work? 

  • Finding the perfect veil and accessories can be difficult and we get that.

"Try it first" and bring it to your wedding dress fitting or hair trial.

  • Add any 3 accessories to your cart and only pay $49 for a 2-day rental.

“Style Me Service”

Not sure what will best match with your dress? Let us help you find the accessories that will match your dress perfectly. Veils, jewelry or hair pieces; our team of experts is dedicated to you and will make sure you make the best of your rental. Answer a few questions here and we will get back to you with a selection of accessories that will perfectly match your dress.

Take our quiz! 

Oh & don’t forget! You get free returns & you will receive a $25.00 coupon towards your wedding day rental when you use the “Try it First” option. 

7. Resale extends a products life by 1.8 % longer 

Rental extends a product’s life by 1.8x, based on the average number of rentals during a product’s lifetime, and could ultimately contribute to lowering fashion’s greenhouse gas emissions” (McKinsey & Global Fashion Agenda). Resale will be available soon at Borrowed. 

8. Take small fashion risks out of your comfort zone

With renting there is no long term commitment! Take a risk and rent something that may be out of your comfort zone to see how you like it. Renting gives you the ability to try new things and see what styles work best for you. Take a chance and enhance your style with Borrowed carefully curated accessories for all your special events and memorable occasions. 

9. Always look the part for every occasion 

Have a big event to go to? Are you a bride to be? Mother of the bride? Maid of honor? Borrowed by LJB offers a range of stunning and handcrafted veils, fine jewelry, flower crowns, bridal crowns, and hair pins. With Borrowed you will always be the best dressed! We will make sure you are dressed accordingly and fashionably for any part you play. 

10. Quality matters 

Borrowed by La Jolie Bride is only partnered with the best of the best. We believe that quality and sustainability matter most. That is why we are careful with who we select to be working closely with. All our products are handcrafted by independent companies who also share the same values as Borrowed. We work with sustainably conscious brands, using eco-friendly practices such as no mass-producing, made-to-order products, or plastic-free packaging. 

Cleaning process: Every piece is carefully inspected, cleaned, and sanitized by our team of experts. For any order, we make sure the pieces look perfect and safe for our next client. Once it's clean, we store it in their dedicated box or pouches using sustainable materials and products. We don't use plastic to store or ship our accessories. 



Love. Wear. Return. 

Borrowed by LJB's goal is to create a positive impact in the fashion and wedding industry with our sustainable practices. Renting high-end accessories for your wedding day, graduation, prom, gala, holiday (and any other event) is a better alternative than wearing your accessories once and never using them again. You’ll always be fashionable when you rent with Borrowed. We only partner with the best in order to make all our customers look stunning in a sustainable way! Be the change and rent with us at Borrowed


Photography: @alishanordenphotography

Florist: @keriannenelsonflora

H+M: @_jennyluu

Model: @annadaleyyoung

Bridal Shop: @lelitebridal

Designer Dresses: Vera Wang, Peter Lagner, Ines Di Santo, Oscar De La Renta

Accessories: @borrowedbyljb

Rental: @kadeemarentals

Bridal Shoes: @bellabelleshoes

Location: @westernavearts

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