Borrowed’s Partnerships- Meeting The Brands: Hushed Commotion

It is our goal with Borrowed By La Jolie Bride to create a platform that is a collaboration of both stunning and sustainable brands. That is why Borrowed by LJB is proudly partnered with Hushed Commotion, an amazing bridal boutique in Brooklyn New York.

About Hushed Commotion:

Hushed Commotion is an elegant brand that creates handcrafted accessories from earrings, headpieces, veils and belts that strive to enhance your beauty on your wedding day.
Hushed Commotions detailed craftsmanship is a trait that sets them apart from most bridal accessories. Hushed Commotion takes pride in their unique in house beading and made to order pieces. HC also offers customized orders from veils to repurposed lace from passed down family gowns. 
HC’s vision is melding vintage meets modern day brides in order to create chic and timeless pieces that allow brides to express themselves freely. 

Favorite Hushed Commotion Pieces: 

It's no secret that we adore Hushed Commotion's chic and unique accessories. Here are five of our top favorite looks that Borrowed by LJB carries:


Pictured above (left to right):

Fallon Comb- by Hushed Commotion: Perfect for a touch of glam and a slicked back look!

Ranee Grande Earrings -by Hushed Commotion: Simplicity with a touch of sparkle!


Pictured above (left to right):

Remy Veil- by Hushed Commotion: Pearls on a veil? We are in love!

Millicent Beaded Headband- by Hushed Commotion: Elegant look & handmade out of vegan leather, ready to make any bride have their perfect fairytale day. 

Elia Earrings- by Hushed Commotion: Handcrafted to perfection! A bold and unique look that will catch everyone's eye that you walk by!

Reasons for Partnership:

Borrowed by La Jolie Bride is very excited to be working with Hushed Commotion for their gorgeous handmade bridal accessories. Borrowed by LJB and HC share a lot of the same values when it comes to fashion and sustainability. Our goal at Borrowed is to make sure that all brides and customers feel gorgeous, comfortable and fashionable in a sustainable way. Hushed Commotion uses a made to order system, which cuts down on needless waste. Millennial and Gen Z brides are becoming more and more conscious consumers when it comes to saving the planet and making more thoughtful decisions when choosing brands they shop from. That is why Borrowed by LBJ only wants to partner with brands that have the same ideals when it comes to sustainability and beauty. 

Visit our website at to check out all of our amazing Hushed Commotion pieces! Love. Wear. Return. With Borrowed by La Jolie Bride you are able to rent high-end Hushed Commotion accessories to all your fabulous events. Everyone will be asking where you got them!


Photographer: @alishanordenphotography 
Bridal accessories rental: @borrowedbyljb
Hair & makeup @_jennyluu
Model: @jadalaree & @marilenakkiii
Bridal stylist: @la_jolie_bride
Bridal boutique: @Hushedcommotion
Wedding dress: @jesuspeiro_us

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