Meeting The Brand: What Is “Borrowed by La Jolie Bride” And How Does It Work?

Who are we? Borrowed by La Jolie Bride is a new start up high-end bridal accessories rental company. Borrowed by LJB focuses on the need for sustainability and an opportunity in the market where brides are struggling to find accessories to match and enhance their bridal look. Although the Borrowed by LJB brand is part of the wedding industry it is also for anyone seeking beautiful accessories for any event they attend. Throughout this blog we will be explaining what the company does, why we created it and why you need it!

What is Borrowed by La Jolie Bride?

Borrowed by La Jolie Bride is a high-end accessories rental company curated by bridal stylists that have hand selected unique pieces from both French and American brands in order to find the perfect accessories that finish your look! We believe that you can have the wedding of your dreams without a big impact on the environment. Sustainability is a key concern of Borrowed and that is why we work with brands that share our values and work with brides who find it more fun to rent rather than buy.

Borrowed by La Jolie Bride was created by CEO and founder Lorella Othenin-Girard owner of La Jolie Bride (her first company), a successful bridal concierge that helps with all things weddings in order to create the perfect wedding day. Lorella saw an opportunity in the market and keeping this concern in mind she began Borrowed as a sister company to her first due to her passion for the fashion industry and her passion for sustainability. Borrowed by LJB offers high-end accessories from earrings, necklaces, bracelets, sashes, head crowns, veils and more. They even offer a “Style Me” option for those who want a little extra professional help creating their perfect look for their special day. 

How does it work? 

It’s simple! Head to our website ( where you can see our gorgeous display of accessories. The rental options are: a 4 day rental or an 8 day rental.Like to try things on? Or can sometimes be indecisive? We have a “Try it first” option as well! You get to pick up to 3 items that you get to try on for only $49.00! 

Once you've decided on your perfect pieces, all you have to do is select your days of rental, look fabulous and wear it to your event and lastly, you use our easy and free returns and ship it back! Borrowed by La Jolie Bride is a hassle free process that allows you to look incredible while also helping the planet! 

Why is sustainability important ?

The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters in the world. Over 208M lbs. of waste were generated by single-use outfits in 2019. The average wedding produces 400 pounds of garbage and 63 tons of CO2. With an estimated 2.5 million weddings per year, that is about 1 billion pounds of trash and as many emissions as approximately 4 people would produce in a year, in just one single day. Most brides wear their accessories only once in their life. They buy it, wear it, put it somewhere and forget about it…

Renting your accessories will elude this "wear it once" behavior. Our packaging is recyclable and plastic-free. We ask you to return your pieces in their original protection bags and pouches to limit packaging waste and protect them. We work with sustainably conscious brands, using eco-friendly practices such as no mass-producing, made-to-order products, or plastic-free packaging. We resell, donate or recycle all rental products when they are no longer in our rental cycle.

Love. Wear. Return.Why buy something you're only going to wear once? Let Borrowed by La Jolie Bride help you have a more sustainable wedding while also looking absolutely chic and fabulous while doing it! 

For more information about Borrowed By La Jolie Bride be sure to check our website . You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook @borrowedbyljb for daily posts and updates! 

Photos by:
Photographer Alisha Norden, @alishanordenphotography 
Bridal accessories rental Borrowed by La Jolie Bride, @borrowedbyljb
Hair & makeup Jenny Luu, @_jennyluu
Models @jadalaree & @marilenakkiii
Bridal stylist La Jolie Bride, @la_jolie_bride

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