Meet the Designers

Rental and resale are sustainable!

There was no way we wouldn't work with sustainable brands!!

We partner with awesome designers that share the values close to our hearts:
Woman-owned entrepreneurs that design and produce their accessories with a lot of love and care.
All their pieces are made to order to avoid waste*

See their stories and discover the beautiful minds behind each of them.

Alyson Nicole started out as a small line of bridal veils and avant-garde head pieces from her home town in Pennsylvania. After getting situated in Brooklyn, NY, Alyson decided to relaunch her brand to include an array of accessories that catered to a more non-traditional bold bride, along with bespoke services for accessories and wedding gowns.

Alyson takes pride in hand crafting each product in her Brooklyn studio. She loves to create components and products from scratch to make them truly unique.

Alyson’s hand made products are done so with care and passion. Materials are hand selected based on quality and aesthetics to build a line of accessories that mix natural elements with industrial aspects, creating a beautiful juxtaposition for unconventional brides.

They are sustainable:
-All accessories are handcrafted in the AN Brooklyn based studio.
-Materials and components are sourced from local/domestic suppliers and smaller businesses when possible.
-All products are made to order to reduce waste and oversupply.
-Fabric scraps are repurposed into swatch cards or used for smaller projects.
-Leftover materials for bespoke orders are made into limited quantity items.Branded dust bags are handmade from deadstock materials or sourced from local vendors.
-Branded boxes are purchased from a local source. Bags and boxes are then customized in the studio to reduce oversupply.
-Packaging materials, are recycled from incoming shipments.

The founder and designer Celeste Reingans grew up on a small farm in Oregon. Art and craftwork were a huge part of her family’s way of life. She moved to New York where she studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology. In 2019, she launched her namesake collection, bringing her love of romance and feminine details to contemporary wedding veils and capes. 

Celeste New York is for the modern bride who likes a bit of fashion whimsy in her bridal ensemble. Weightless tulle veils are adorned with 3-D silk flowers that add depth and texture. Unique lace appliques frame the face. Brides glow in ruffles, sheer layers and romantic hues like champagne and begonia pink. 

Bold, modern, whimsical and fashion-forward, the Celeste New York bride wants to express her truest self - and feel beautiful on her momentous day. 

They are sustainable: 
- Designed and handmade with love in Brooklyn, New York 
- Sources materials from local garment district suppliers when possible 
- Donate fabric/materials to local community groups that reuse/repurpose materials 

Davie & Chiyo is a bridal and bridesmaid dress and accessory line for the effortless, the feminine, and the unique. 

Based in Vancouver, Canada, each piece is designed and handmade by our team of artisans, dedicated to continuously curating a collection worthy of the modern and whimsical bride. 

They are sustainable: 
- Designed and hand made with love in Vancouver, Canada 
- Source locally or within Canada as much as possible 
- Lessen waste by creating designs that use off-cut pieces of fabric 
- Donate fabric/materials to a local place that reuses/repurposes 
- Donate old samples to a local charity that provides pieces for high school proms
- Have an in-house sister brand for consignment wedding dresses 

Their Brooklyn-based team creates handcrafted earrings, headpieces, veils and belts that strive to make you feel striking and singular on your wedding day. Known for our novel take on bridal jewelry and our detailed craftsmanship. 

Thea Bloch-Neal, started Hushed Commotion in 2012 with the goal to create detailed, striking, and coveted pieces. She gravitates towards gold and is inspired by vintage motifs. Melding her vision of vintage meets modern-day bride is our core value. 

She values the handmade process immensely. Thea grew up in a family that valued the artisan, and is a big believer in encouraging the world to find their way back to supporting the artisans of this world and the craft that is involved in creating beautiful pieces of art. 

They are sustainable: 
- Designed and handmade with love in Brooklyn, NY 
- Each piece is make-to-order 
- Cutting down on needless waste 
- Use almost exclusively recyclable packaging 
- Studio fit with solar panels to reduce their use of the power

Les Couronnes de Victoire’s world is entirely dedicated to the world of floral crowns and accessories. Their creations can be worn on all occasions and will match any hairstyle. With preserved flowers, they capture the beauty of flowers to create all natural, timeless accessories. 

Les Couronnes de Victoire is also a concept and an ambition: to enhance women’s natural beauty through flowers and turn every woman into a queen for an event, an evening or even a day. 

They are sustainable:
- From design to production, all accessories are handmade with love in their Parisian workshop. 
- Most of their flowers are sourced locally from France and Europe.
- Made of genuine, natural flowers that have been preserved using a completely natural biological process 

Lizeron Paris is a family story. The two cousins, Julie and Sidonie, both passionate about history and objects from the past, created Lizeron Paris, a brand full of character. They take their inspiration from bridal crowns from the beginning of the century, which were made of wax, and have transformed them into timeless bridal accessories. Each piece is meticulously made by hand in their Parisian workshop. 

They are sustainable: 
- Designed and hand-made in their Parisian workshop 
- All raw materials are from France (as well as the founders)! Use porcelain, a natural material 
- Made to order à no waste 
- Plastic-free 

Ernestine, the owner, designer and maker was born and raised in Cote d'Ivoire (warm little country in west Africa). Nestina, comes from her name Ernestine, a nickname that her friends used in high school and college.
After more than 10 years in the banking industry, she moved to the USA, after marrying her high school friend Patrick.
Stay home mom With 2 boys, she started Nestina accessories in 2010.

Coming from a crafty house, it was an easy process to learn techniques for hand making fabric flowers, jewelry, wired headpieces and some level of beading. It is a constant learning process that will never stop.

They are sustainable:
-Handmade or hand finished in her Seattle area home studio.
-Works mostly with small artisans for everything she can not do herself.
-Reusable and sustainable components.

*which also means that the accessories can slightly differ from the pictures as they are all unique and different.