Storage & Care

The accessories you receive are sanitized, clean, and ready to wear. These accessories are delicate so please be gentle as if they were yours, the next renter will appreciate it as much as you do! 


Please keep your handmade accessories in their pouches and boxes until your big day, it will protect them. Don’t forget to keep them to return your accessories. 

Do not use water or any other cleaning products, we do it for you. If there is anything contact us before doing anything 


In shipping our veils can become creased or wrinkled. As soon as you receive your veil, hang it for 24 hours. For remaining wrinkles, a steamer can be used. Please do not apply heat directly to the veil, as high temperatures can damage it and burn holes through the veil! For birdcage veils, applying non-direct steam will help the veil regain its shape after shipping. 

Always protect your accessories from hairspray, makeup and other chemicals. They can permanently damage the materials, attenuate the shine and can be difficult to remove.